Safety Procedures

We are reopening with our No Touch services on Monday June 1! Those services include Whole Body Cryotherapy, Precision Cryotherapy, and Red Light Therapy. We will be complying with CDC and VA recommendations for safe reopening. If you or a family member have been traveling or have been socializing in a group, please do not come to our Center until quaranteening for 2 weeks. Please practice social distancing as many of our clients are elderly or immune compromised. Please be considerate of others. As always, if you are unwell, please do not come into our Center.

We are only allowing one client in the Center at a time (or couples or small family groups that live together). Following are the procedures clients must follow. Please

  • Remain in your car until we signal that we are ready for you. (Our lobby, tea and water station will be closed.

  • Although we love children, we request that you do not bring them with you at this time.

  • Lock all personal items in your car. Put on a clean mask. (Text us if you need a mask.

  • Inside of the front door is a station with hand sanitizer for you to use and gloves for you to wear. We also have shoe covers if you would like to use them for your peace of mind.

  • Open the door where will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer and ask you a few questions. We will maintain distance as we escort you to your station (we will also be wearing masks and gloves and monitoring our own temperature).

  • We are no longer using the changing rooms unless you come as a family group. You will undress in your treatment room. We recommend wearing sports shorts and sports bra or a dry swim suit. We can provide a clean robe if needed. You may bring your own clean robe if you desire.

  • We will provide a way for you to pay on-line in advance so there will be limited contact at check out. We also have Apple Pay.

  • We will sanitize the Center after each client leaves.


Feel free to contact us with any questions. We understand that many of you are eager to receive massages and body treatments. We will assess the COVID-19 numbers mid June and let you know when we feel comfortable offering those services again. Thank you for your support!


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