Whole Body Cryo, Precision Cryo,

or CryoFacial 

Introductory Session: $35

Single Session: $40

Package of 5 Sessions: $190

Package of 10 Sessions: $360

CryoThermo Impact

Body Treatments

Single Session: $350

Package of 3 Sessions: $975

Package of 5 Sessions: $1500

Recovery Combo Package

Select 3 of the following treatments done consecutively in a day:

  • Whole Body or Precision Cryotherapy treatment, or a CryoFacial

  • Red Light Therapy treatment

  • NormaTec Compression treatment

Single Combo Session: $125

One Month Package of 12 Sessions: $995

Joovv Red Light Therapy

Introductory Session: $25

Single Session: $35

Package of 10 Sessions: $325

Package of 25 Sessions: $750

Package of 35 Sessions: $1000

10 minute sessions

NormaTec Compression

Single Private Session: $50

Private Session for Two: $60

Package of 5 Private Sessions: $240

Package of 10 Private Sessions: $460

20 minute sessions

Therapeutic Massage and Recovery Combo Package

Once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, receive a weekly one-hour Therapeutic Massage ending with our new Recovery Combo Session. You will return 2 more times in that same week to receive the Recovery Combo Session again. (A total of 4 massages and 12 combo recovery sessions in 4 weeks.)

Call us to book your month of treatments.



Terms and Conditions:


Packages are valid for 3 months (except for monthly packages). No extensions or refunds. Packages may be shared with family members or with one friend (with the exception of CryoThermo Impact). In the event that our business is forced to close due to COVID-19, packages will be placed on hold. There will be absolutely no refunds. 

Note: When booking appointments on-line with Booker, you book individual sessions at the full price. When you buy a package, the package price will be applied upon check out on our end. You can buy packages in Booker by clicking the BUY button in the top right corner. (Then you book your appointments individually.)

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