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our #local pros.

We love celebrating our community, the people who influence, the leaders, movers, and shakers.

Meet Cliff. Our sponsored #Cryo athlete. Why are we inspired by him? For one thing, he's been a leader in Charlottesville's fitness scene, but not only that...keep reading...

What do you like about training/where do you train?

- I train at TheGym in Charlottesville. I love training at my gym because as a powerlifter it’s very important to not only be strong of course, but be technically sound and aware of your body mechanics as well. Coach Justin Tooley is incredible. I have learned so much about strength and conditioning and about my own body awareness since having him coach me. I enjoy competing and having goals to set for myself throughout a training process and for a competition and working towards them. Makes the training have a purpose. 

How was Rivanna Recovery helped your goals?

- RCRC has been great with aiding in my recovery. Being a strength athlete, taking care of your body is vital to having longevity as a competitive athlete. Being able to utilize the Cryo Sauna has been huge for me for helping with inflammation of my joints and sore muscles after big training sessions. The team there was a huge contribution to me winning the IPL World Powerlifting Championships. 

What are your main motivations/inspirations?

- The main motivation and driver for me is my family and to be a positive influence. Although I have personal goals for myself to be one of the best powerlifters in the world, my sole inspiration is to motivate other people and athletes through my love for the sport. 

Who is your favorite sports hero?

- #TheRock! Hands down not only one of my favorite sports heros but all time favorite humans. That guy is a true role model as an athlete and human being. His work ethic is incredible too. 

What mental tool do you use under pressure?

- When I feel the pressure is on I turn to my faith. I know that God is always with me so I always tell myself “just me and God”. That always helps to calm the pressure. 

What is your favorite mantra?

- “Stay x3” (Stay True, Stay Hungry, Stay Humble) it’s something that I came up with when I first started competing in powerlifting. When seeing success as an athlete, we can sometimes get a little ahead of ourselves and forget about where we started. Complacency can set in and we get comfortable with where we are. If you remain true to yourself, remain hungry as if you’re still at the bottom and always be humble, success is a given. 

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