Sports & Injury Massage

Our licensed massage therapists are trained specifically to deal with sports related injuries and other chronic injury issues.


Note: Massage is only being offered as part of a one month recovery package at this time. 

Here's how it works:

Once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, you will receive a weekly one-hour Therapeutic Massage ending with our new Recovery Combo Session. 

The Recovery Combo Session is 3 of the following treatments done consecutively in a day, customized to your needs:

  • Whole Body or Precision Cryotherapy treatment or a CryoFacial

  • Red Light Therapy treatment

  • NormaTec Compression treatment

You will return 2 more times in that same week to receive the Recovery Combo Session again. (A total of 4 massages and 12 combo recovery sessions in 4 weeks.)

Extra perk: this will be a personalized experience. For example, you get to chosse your favorite music. We'll make you a cup of tea... The space is yours.

If you are interested, please email, call or text us. This package will be scheduled in advance for the entire month and cannot be booked on-line. Commit to your health for one month for $1550.

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